Magnified Universe (by Neeti Sinha)


Scientific awareness of the nature of reality. Blending empirical observations, their concepts, mathematical nature and its truth, our perceptivity and the nature of self, the concept of beauty and symmetry. Scientific conundrums, and their leverage toward seeing the truest fabric. Our continuum in the tapestry that science brings forth.

The Subject

The subject utilzes scientific knowledge, but the subject itself originates and exists in a broad range of fields, including Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Medicine, and Subliminally. We are addressing the all encompassing texture in methodic terms of science and mathematics.

Accessing the All-encompassing Reality

Advanced scientific fields provide unwavering clues on how the universe exists and operates, and how we exist relative to the universe, when we take into account our perceptivity. Among all the scientific subjects, mathematics seems to be a single one that can solely reveal the hidden truth of what lies beyond what we see, and how the space-time structures and continues. The mathematical concepts can illustrate why the universe appears the way it does. Physics corroborates these meanings in a most astounding way. When we take into account our perceptivity, and the nature of self, the fields of mathematics and physics can show how all that exists converge into a single flow. The ultimate state pointed out by enlightened beings can be understood in scientific terms as well. Over and above, in such an integrated view, some of the scientific perplexities that we currently face apparently and naturally fade out. From cosmic expansion to the quantum theories of strings, every theory and concept in physical sciences not only reflects the way humans exist as a part of the space-time continuum but also, in an integrated view, direct us to see the correctness of different scientific concepts and empirical observations.

A glimpse into all-encompassing spacetime continuum

A Slide show

A little on the book

      The slideshow above will give you a trans-dimensional glimpse of scientific connectivity of direct and beyond direct realms of the universe. This slide show is a preliminary introduction on how entities of the universe exist as a part of the grand Scheme.

      The document following the slide show is a preliminary introduction to what this book is about- Cosmic Landscape; Quantum Decor; Mathematical Truth; Our Continuum. Stunning facts on this subject materialize upon combining information from three sources i) Mathematics, ii) Empirical Observations, and their concepts, and iii) The true nature of self.

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The Ultimate Universe & Our Perceptions

      The communications are designed for all audiences, from academic to those who do not have advanced degrees or even science background. If you are interested in this subject please contact .

Neeti Sinha

    “Entities of the universe and the mental plane are existing in the language of mathematics.”

The above banner bespeaks the continuum of human through the descriptions of reality, from quantum to cosmic. The spherical illustration surrounding human is a mathematical object- Calabi-Yau manifold (Calabi-Yau manifold credit: A. Hanson, Indiana University). The Calabi-Yau manifold sleekly captures the multidimensional continuum of reality, especially in the model of string theory (of mathematical physics). String theory proposes to unify all of the universal forces into one systematic rhythm.

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