True Beauty Resides in Fundamentals

As I had mentioned, here is my write-up on the Archway Publishing Blog, on communicating complex scientific ideas. I was excited to bring in the Riemann Hypothesis to point out a elaborate mathematical complexity that is just as visionary and captivating:

Translating Complex Science for a General Audience

The last few posts were dedicated to gear us on the total solar eclipse that is approaching in our sight. The excitement among the educators, eclipse chasers, and anticipators is palpable. I had mentioned the veritable organizations and devoted scientists/educators (1, 2, 3, 4) that remain in full swing in disseminating the information and advice to spur on the audience from all backgrounds. The sight of a total solar eclipse is phenomenal. (I am told by those having savored it first-hand, I haven’t seen it myself. So despite my truly appreciating the fundamentals behind this cosmic display, I am looking forward to it as any other enthusiast.)

Although the cosmic and worldly wonders captivate us, it is the peek into the fundamentals that ticks enthusiasm, and keeps it alive. ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific) annual meeting presentations are uploaded, and you can find mine on fundamentals by the window of total solar eclipse there (the video of the same). Whether talking of gravitational waves, Einstein’s theories of relativity, hidden black holes, the origins and the acceleration of universe, the enigma of dark matter and energy, or the spectacle of total solar eclipse, at surface they all stir up wonder, but the real lure lies in the fundamentals that help us visualize how things shape up—and appreciate the true beauty.

When it comes to methodic delineation even beauty has fundamentals behind it. How much we have figured that out is a different issue. This brings up a narrative book A Beautiful Question compiled by a renowned physicist Franck Wilczek on the conception of beauty and the forces it embodies. (I am just finishing reading it.) With big chunks of basic facts, and on laws governing the universe, the text unfolds the cast of beauty that seeps the natural world, and how reality and beauty can be seen synonymously. Written with ethereal tone, it is informative and enjoyable read for audience from all backgrounds.

Disseminating deep-seated scientific formulations and complex theories to all audience isn’t very straightforward, mainly for the fact that it’s in these very intricate renderings that the true sense of beauty can be sniffed. It is where an educator enthralls, and a scientist draws in. The play of symmetry in quantum mechanical enactment or deep views of mathematical physics is one such example. Simplifying beyond a point would necessarily dampen down on beauty, and in a way mutilate the truth.

I have been in touch with friendly staff of Archway publishing with the hope of writing a post on their Writer’s Blog. The post had to be on the process of writing and publishing. Disseminating scientific advancements to general audience seemed an appropriate topic, and I recited some of my thoughts on communicating intricate concepts of physics and mathematics without taming the aesthetics—A demanding thing. The post should be out soon, and I will let you know.

Whether abysmal structure of the universe, the abstractly play of quantum field, the order of nature, or the subliminal sense of aesthetics, in the core of all resides the commonality of mathematical voice. And I am always looking for opportunities to communicate on this very aspect of mathematical truth. To that end I have just started writing on Science Blog site, under the title Mathematical Correlations. Take a look and let me know your views.


Scientific, educational, pedagogic, and creative aspects of mathematics blend in MAA (Mathematical Association of America) annual meetings. This year it is held in Chicago, and I am hoping to speak on how to entice non-mathematicians into mathematics, especially those that are apprehensive of the subject.

I am happy to see Facebook visitors, and appreciate their stopping by for scientific nuggets.

See you all soon.


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